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Attention Hunters!

Duck and Goose

Don’t know what to do with your goose or duck?  Let Brothers Meat and Seafood make you some duck or Goose snack sticks.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Venison/Wild Game

Custom seasonings for all meat types and dishes, Brothers Meats ans Seafood

Custom Seasonings for all meat types and dishes.

All sausage batches are based on a minimum of 10 lbs of venison/wild game. (If a batch is less than 10 lbs, you can always purchase lean beef or pork to make weight).All pricing includes, our adding, 20% of our fresh beef trim to burger and summer sausage and 20% of our fresh pork trim to all remaining varieties. Upon your request these percentages and products can be more customized. Please indicate this at drop  off.

Possession & Registration: Tags are required with all big game.

Processing Suggestions From Brothers

Listed below are only a few of the many sausage and processing that we offer.  We list a few of the more popular varieties that are loved by everyone. If there is a particular type of sausage you have grown accustomed to each year, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate your processing needs. We do our best to get your completed order back to you in a timely fashion.  With some of the more unique sausage requests, we will simply freeze your sausage trim labeled with your given invoice number, only to retrieve it at the earliest possible time to make it special for you.

We have several other varieties of sausage available…please ask, anythings possible.   We reserve the right to refuse any spoiled or tainted wild game. We suggest cooking all products to at least 160 degrees. The state has the right to dictate any changes regarding the processing of deer.