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12 Most Frequently Asked Questions – Wild Game Processing

Do I Get My Own Deer Back
What Does The Processing Fee Include?
What Do You Add to Your Sausage?
How Long Will it Take to Get My Deer Back?
Can I Get My Rack Back?
What Are The Most Popular Types of Sausage?
Do You Recommend a Taxidermist?
Can I Keep My Hide?
Is There a Minimum Trim Requirement For Sausage Batches?
Do You Guys Accept Deer Donations?
When Do I Pay For My Deer to be Processed?
When Can I Drop My Deer Off For Processing?


“Brothers Meats and Seafoods have been my choice for my venison processing for over 18 years.  The
turnaround is within a couple of weeks and they always make sure I get my deer and not someone else’s.
The quality of their venison bacon and especially  the venison burger are top shelf.  The packaging is
professional and always done with expertise.  Bring your deer into a store that actually wants your business
and you’ll be impressed as I have been over the years….Brothers Meats and Seafood of Maple Grove, Minnesota !”

Steve Carney – Outdoor News Writer