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Family Owned and Operated

Local Meat and Seafood market in Maple Grove, MNWelcome back to an old fashioned, family run butcher shop. Brothers Meat and Seafood has been offering the freshest meat and seafood, the old fashioned way, for the past several years. Our goals were simple. No fillers, no added solutions. We cut all our steaks, pork chops, and roasts fresh every day and grind fresh ground beef daily. The industry, as a whole, has evolved over the past 35 years into more preservatives and less service. We’ve tried to go back that 35 years and offer the quality you learn to expect at your local, home town butcher shop. Our service is second to none and we proudly give out free smiles to every customer. We’ve also been fortunate enough to have been able to hire several local colleagues with award winning smiles and inspiring attitudes. They all have become our extended family and visit when they are back from college or back in town over the holidays.

We specialize in several varieties of home made beef sticks, summer sausages, jerkys, smoked salmon, smoked hams, and bacon.

Don’t forget about the seafood counter, it’s the freshest you will find next to catching it yourself.

Fall time is wild game season, when we work extra hard to process full carcass deer, bear, elk, and moose. We have also become known for our holiday specials like double smoked hams, turduckens (turkey-duck-chicken), crown roasts of pork, rack of lamb, and of course, the beef prime rib.

Customers come from all over the city and from out of state just to get their meat exactly how they like it, fresh and served with a smile!



Brothers Meat and Seafood